Ceramics Inspired by Ancient Trees and Prehistoric Art

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My work is inspired by looking at our landscape, from the strange and mystical stones and symbols of the prehistoric to the magical monsters and beasts of the Saxon age.

Tree Photography

Britain has an amazing amount of ancient trees. I have been travelling the countryside photographing them for some years now, taking their portraits and sitting beneath them contemplating their great age. I often use clay to take casts of the intricate textures found on these wonderful trees to use in my ceramic art.


I make ceramics inspired by Britain’s landscape, prehistoric rock art and ancient sites. I like to use natural textures of rocks, bark and seaweed to create my work. The fantastic forms and textures in nature lead me to an abstract world, which is where my work evolves from. My work is also influenced by the amazing shapes of fossils and patterns of sea creatures.

Get in Touch

I would love to hear from you.
All of the work in the gallery is for sale so please get in touch to enquire about purchasing a piece or regarding commissions.
Prices range from £25-£100 depending on the piece.

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